The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation gives a standardized test of aptitudes and general knowledge. With this insight, a career path is suggested which suits the way we are innately wired.

Summary: A person with an objective personality is drawn toward working with and through other people, while a person with spatial ability, the engineering trait, enjoys working with things. These two traits tend to pull in opposite directions. The combination, therefore of an objective personality and spatial ability strongly suggests work that would provide expression of both of these traits.

Top Careers:
Design Engineering (e.g., civil, mechanical, chemical, industrial)
Urban/regional planning
3-D design (e.g., industrial design, interior design, set design, furniture design)
Sales engineering for manufacturing
Real estate development
Teaching in a mechanical or structural field
Occupational therapy
Foreign Languages and working in an international setting

Top Aptitudes:
Clerical speed
Color Discrimination
Ideaphoria (flow of ideas)
Number series
Spatial/structural visualization
Rhythm memory (math & foreign language)
Memory for design, words, and numbers
Artistic judgement
Tweezer dexterity