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ShortSighted (1999)

I left New York and Parsons at the end of 1998 to move to Texas. This is a portfolio of work I did in 1999 in El Paso. It was shown as a solo exhibition at the Union Gallery at UTEP. They were all 30″x40″ prints made from Kodachrome 25 slides shot in a Leica […]

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Townscape: The New Landscape of New York City

The New York City Partnership was created in the 1980’s to try to patch together some of the neighborhoods that had been abandoned in the 1970’s. Their plan was to inject the areas with middle-income residents in homes of their own, who would maintain their own blocks, attract new merchants to the neighborhood, and fill some of the “granny tooth” holes of vacant land between stable building left in parts of the South Bronx and East Brooklyn.

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