Close Coupled Adapter for a Generator Set
F125 locomotive engine-generator bolt-on adapter ring designed to react torque loads in the structure. Tuned for dynamics.Close-coupled adapter
An adapter is used to couple a prime mover body to a housing of a generator. The adapter has openings that allow an armature of the generator to be attached to the flywheel of the prime mover. The adapter provides a torque coupling between the prime mover and the generator so that the attachments of the prime mover and generator to the skid, as well as the skid itself, can be reduced in size and weight because they no longer need to oppose the prime mover-generator torque load. A thickness of the adapter and a pattern of the openings in the body of the adapter are selected to move any natural resonance frequencies of the adapter outside an operating frequency of the prime mover.

Skid Structure for a Generator Set
F125 locomotive engine-generator base structure, optimized for height, and tuned dynamically.
A skid structure for a powertrain includes a pair of longitudinally extending members disposed about a central axis and in a mutually spaced apart relationship with one another. Each of the members includes a top wall; a bottom wall disposed in a spaced apart relation with the top wall; and a side wall connected at corresponding edges of the top and bottom walls to define a pocket therebetween. The pocket is configured to extend longitudinally along a length of the member and laterally along a width of the top and bottom walls. The skid structure further includes multiple gussets that are disposed within the pocket and interspaced from one another along the length of the member. Each gusset is configured to connect with at least two of the top wall, the bottom wall, and the side wall. The gussets are configured to support a weight of the powertrain thereon.Genset Skid

Skid Structure for the F125 Locomotive Generator Set
EMD Engineering Patent Awards Ceremony, Dec. 2018. Photo: Jose Bedenfield